Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the recommended age for my child to do a dance photoshoot?

A.  For dance shoots, dancers should be no younger than 6 but 10 is recommended.  Dancers should also have several years of dance experience, otherwise they will not have the skills or knowhow to perform certain poses.

Q. Does Flexibility matter?

A.  YES and no, dancers don't have to be extremely flexible , however , the more flexible the dancer is the better the results.  I will always try to bring out the best in each dancer.  Ultimately It is the dancer's ability to perform that will determine the best outcome.

Q. What is the process for siblings?

A.  During a 4 hour session, the dancers will split the time. In doing so, they will each end up with half the images of a regular 4 hour session.

Q. Why do we need to get up so early?

A.  The results you see in my images are due to great lighting and attention to detail.  The best light is always early in the morning and then later in the afternoon/early evening.   I believe in quality over quantity and I'm always chasing the best light to make my subjects look amazing.

Q. What do we need to bring to our photo session?

A.  Water, snacks, slip on sandals, towel, wipes, hair ties/bands and your best game face :)

Q. What do I need to know about manicures and pedicures?

A.  The dancer should either have fully painted nails or polish completely removed.   A dancer should be as prepared as they would be for going on stage.  

Q. What about Hair and Makeup?

A.  The dancer's makeup, including lipstick, should be light and natural and no fake eyelashes.  Any skin blemishes should be covered with makeup if possible.  I typically like the dancer's hair straightened and down if possible, but be ready to tie it up if weather conditions require it.  

Q. How many photos do we get?

A.  It's different for everyone as to the amount of images the dancer will receive.   However, on average you will come away with 15-20 great edited photos per hour of shooting.  It all comes down to the dancers ability and skill level to achieve their poses and jumps that they are directed to do.   You will only receive the BEST quality photos.  No blurry photos, bad poses or awkward expressions.  I consider this my Art form, and as such will only release what is worthy of being seen.   

Q. How do I receive my images?

A.  The images are delivered electronically via a link to a shared folder, one to two weeks after your shoot.  The images will be the highest resolution possible that you can download for sharing or printing as you'd like.  As the creator, I will grant you the rights for you to do with them as you wish, except resell them.  Also if they are to be used in publications you must attribute photo credits back to us.

Q. If the weather is bad, do I forfeit my deposit?

A.  No, we reschedule for the next available open date.  Unfortunately, I can't control the weather yet :)  Your deposit is there to hold your date and to protect me from losing work due to someone not showing up or canceling  last minute.  Please allow at least 72 hours of notice if you need to reschedule.

Q. How far ahead do I need to book a session with JP?

A.  You should book your session with JP no later than  4-6 months from your target date.

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